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DAVID Early Detection Pregnancy Test - 6 Count

Discover Your Pregnancy Sooner with DAVID Early Detection HCG Tests - Pruebas De Embarazo - 6 Days Before Your Missed Period - At-Home Use - 6 Count

- Accurate Results: The tests are highly accurate and reliable, with a sensitivity of 25mIU/mL, which means they can detect even low levels of HCG in the urine and provide accurate results.
- Value for Money: The pack comes with 6 tests, which provides women with multiple opportunities to check for pregnancy at a reasonable price, making it an affordable option for women who want to monitor their fertility.

DAVID Pregnancy Tests are a reliable and easy-to-use tool for women who are trying to conceive. These tests offer early detection of the HCG hormone, which is produced by the placenta after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. With DAVID Pregnancy Tests, women can test for pregnancy as early as 6 days before their missed period, giving them a head start on planning for their new addition. The tests are designed for at-home use, making them convenient and private. Each box contains 6 tests, ensuring that women have enough tests to monitor their progress over time. Overall, DAVID Pregnancy Tests offer peace of mind and a simple solution for women who are eager to start or expand their families.